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“Golf Course Consulting is the process of helping courses transform and improve.”
Consulting is a broad term, one that covers many aspects of the golf business. That is why we “silo” our golf course consulting services; this allows our proven, specific and comprehensive strategies and experience to help achieve our client’s desired outcomes. Our core executive team has years of expertise and specialized knowledge in specific areas, in turn delivering decades of excellent results. 
To simplify we separated our consulting services into two categories:
Entrepreneurial (Cowboy)
Institutional (Corporate)
Entrepreneurial Golf Club Consulting That Just Works
Do you have declining or flat revenues? 
Do you need a bottom line boost? 
The Paradigm Shift Program features various proven strategies from the famous Paradigm Playbook that will deliver excellent results by:
“Selling More Golf & Selling Golf for More”.
Over the past decades the Shift Program has increased revenues and profit by tens of millions of dollars in some of the most competitive market places in the country. 

This program is customized to best fit each property’s needs and can be implemented through training and/or continuous oversight and involvement with the Paradigm Team. It includes sales and service training, loyalty/play product creation, team incentive programs and more.

To learn more about the specific services offered contact us to get started.
Institutional (Corporate) Consulting
Due Diligence: Looking to Purchase or Refinance Golf Course?
Paradigm Golf Group is recognized as the leading technical property and operational due diligence expert in the nation. For the past 20 years, we have been retained by golf course and real estate buyers, sellers, equity providers, lenders and CPA firms who understand that front-end due diligence is the primary key to financial success. 

During this time, Paradigm golf course consulting has completed more than 100 comprehensive due diligence assignments where all parties in interest having been protected from the pitfalls associated with a lack of effective knowledge regarding their golf properties.

Many of these assignments are derived from Paradigm’s long-term relationships with the few prominent national golf lenders along with local market area banks. This is augmented by the company’s recognition by individual property owners of Paradigm Golf Group as a leader in the industry and from its existing networks, which extend into all areas of the industry including golf industry professionals, trade suppliers, specialty golf property brokers, engineers, architects, land planners, attorneys, appraisers and CPA firms are in regular contact with Paradigm identifying industry events and owners in need of professional assistance.

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