Build on Data. Powered by Technology.

We offer full service capabilities that embrace a blended "Tra-Digital" philosophy. We deliver blended services by completing everything in house to ensure our customers get the quality level of service they’ve grown to expect from us all the way through their media distribution and audience connectivity process.

Our Team

Our full service in-house team. Yes, there are a lot of us....... all with the purpose of making you successful!
Jessica Mead
Josh Hill
Chief Digital Officer
Ed Victor
Creative Director
Stacey Elkes
Media Director
Emily LaFleur 
Director of Account Services
Gavin Waymire
Media Distribution
Tim Clark
Account Coordinator
Charlene Cook
Fund Compliance Coord.
David Cochran
Sr. Graphic Designer
Andrew Kaplan
Sr. Graphic Designer
Jenn Carino
Graphic Designer
Mike Franco
Sr. Web Developer
Ashley Bigley
Editor / Motion Graphics
Matt Mead
Kelly Herman
Corp. Asset Manager
(424) 326-LYNC
21045 N 9th Place #205, Phoenix, AZ 85024
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